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Cruz at Low Brow Artique

This month, there was a great show at Low Brow Artique with Italian Street Artist Federico Massa AKA Cruz as the star. Cruz starting hitting NYC hard in the past couple of months. His work on the Williamsburg Cinema (pictured below) is a prime example. This work has been a nice addition to our Williamsburg Tour showing off some of our Marvel favorites.

Cruz graffiti in Williamsburg

Then Cruz moved on to the walls of Low Brow to get ready for his big show. His imagery and sense of design has been a nice addition to the Bushwick Scene.

Cruz on Low Brow Wall

Cruz on Low Brow Wall

This unique style transferred nicely onto canvas and made for a great show.

Cruz Canvases at Low Brow

Cruz Canvases at Low Brow

Check out more of Cruz on his website.

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