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OSGEMEOS Houston Bowery Wall Brightens Up NYC Once Again

The recent unveiling of Brazilian street art duo OSGEMEOS‘ Houston Bowery Wall is doing wonders to alleviate the grey blanket that has covered New York City on and off for the past few days. The gigantic mural on the busy corner of Houston and Bowery presents a party of odd creatures inhabiting a rainbow-filled kaleidoscope world. Gallerist Jeffrey Deitch and Goldman Properties, the real estate company that owns the property were behind its commission in 2009. And for the past 5 years, the OSGEMEOS work has laid dormant under a stud wall.

OSGEMEOS‘ Houston Bowery Wall

OSGEMEOS‘ Houston Bowery Wall

This wall has a history. In 1982, Keith Haring painted a lively mural on it, rendered in his favorite Day Glo paint and stylized figures. At the time, it served as a heartfelt gesture to the surrounding community while establishing the site as a keystone for NYC’s public art movement. It was Haring’s spirit that inspired Jeffrey Deitch and Goldman Properties to commission the recreation of the artist and activist’s original mural in 2008. Unveiled on May 4th, the date also marked what would have been Haring’s 50th birthday. This initiated a world-class mural program with a member list that boasts OSGEMEOS, How & Nosm, Swoon, CRASH, Shepard Fairey, Kenny Scharf among others.

Keith Haring’s wall from 1982

Keith Haring’s wall from 1982

OSGEMEOS (Portuguese for The Twins) are twin brothers who grew up in Brazil during the 80s when Hip-Hop was on the rise. Their work is often described as “folkloric and at times mythological.” Humor, joy, politics, the common person and everyday experience are themes that pop up in their fantasy landscapes filled with vibrant colors inspired by Brazilian art and culture. Many of these elements are sensed in the Bowery Houston wall, which the brothers dedicated to the memory of Dash Snow and Iz Wiz, friends and artists who had just passed away at the time of production.

If you have ever taken the Classics Tour, you know that the mural on Houston and Bowery is one of Graff Tour’s favorite stops. It’s a vital reminder of the role that art and free creative expression have had in shaping this amazing city. At the same time, the wall serves as inspiration for the future. OSGEMEOS’ mural will only be on display for a limited time. We are very excited to share this inspiring work with our guests!

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