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March 10th Workshop with Lord Byng Secondary School

The T-shirt making process led by Gabe Schoenberg with the kids of Sands Secondary

This past week, we hosted 50 students from Lord Byng Secondary School. The students all took part in our tour of Downtown Manhattan and followed it up with a Mural painting and T-shirt design experience. It was a team effort with four local artists each taking a group of the kids.

As part of the experience @damien_mitchell led a mural painting project entitled “Welcome to the Jungle”. It was a great piece with bookend characters and 3d text. We taught the kids the different tips and painting techniques and everyone had a chance to participate in the project.

Welcome to the jungle Great workshop for @lordbyng secondary school Shout to @leaf_8k and @damien__mitchell for leading the workshop #thenycgraffitiworkshop #learntospray #streetartnyc #graffitinyc #goodvibes #grafftours

A photo posted by Grafftours (@grafftours) on Mar 10, 2016 at 2:09pm PST

While the mural was being painted, @leaf_8k was running kids through the make your own t-shirt activity. It was a great way for kids to have a take home from their trip. We provided different stencils and paint markers for everyone. Each kid was able to customize their shirt from a fried egg to a portrait of Yoko Ono.

Shout out to the hype.tshirts of these lord byng ladies #makeityourself #tshirts #stencils #thenycgraffitiworkshop

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T-shirt workshop 3.14.16 for Graff Tours

T-shirt workshop 3.14.16 for Graff Tours

We were really happy with how things turned out and can’t wait to have this group back next year. Check Out more on our Instagram @grafftours.


Lord Byng Secondary School Mural Workshop

A nice shot from our workshop this past weekend with 50 high schoolers #streetartnyc #thenycgraffitiworkshop #graffiti #streetartofficial @nuomichelle thanks.for the pic!

A photo posted by Grafftours (@grafftours) on Mar 13, 2016 at 5:41pm PDT

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