RIP King Robbo

We regret to report that this week the great King Robbo, of London UK graffiti fame, is dead. Robbo was a pioneer graffiti writer in the early years of the London Graffiti scene in the 1980’s, but was probably most famous for his feud with Banksy. Robbo originally criticized Banksy for stealing the famous stencil…

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Bowery Graffiti Street Art Mecca On The Market

The outside of the building on the corner of Spring and Bowery has evolved into a museum of graffiti and street art over the last 40 years. One-by-one, artists from around the world would put up their wheatpaste, stencil, or poster. Using spray paint, writers would blast the facade with their tag or throw up….

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Mr. Brainwash Mural Pays Tribute to Brooklyn’s Past

At first glance, the newly painted mural on 250 North 10th St., a luxury apartment building in Williamsburg appears to be nothing new under the sun. Especially the sun that shines on this neighborhood, which has evolved into an outdoor art gallery in recent years. Its concrete structures double as canvases, which are irresistible to…

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Recap: Artists Anonymous – Old Game New

Last April we checked out Artists Anonymous at the Jonathan Levine Gallery a collective based out of Germany and London. This site specific installation had a unique feel. The artists of the collective painted the walls of the gallery as a backdrop to all of their hung work. Also, they included a life-sized fantasy land…

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Revisiting City as Canvas at the Museum of the City of New York

We took a trip recently to the Museum of the City of New York and we want to share some of our pictures with you. We are happy to all those that contributed to the exhibit and if you have not gone yet, this is a must see. We posted here some of our favorites…

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Uptown Bounce: Museo del Barrio and The Museum of the City of NY Block Party

We were excited to learn about Uptown Bounce – a set of events taking place in the evening in the plaza in front of the Museum of the City of New York at 104th St. Uptown Bounce takes place from 6:00 – 9:00 pm. Admission is FREE; advance registration required. Wednesday, July 30: ROOTS Groove to…

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WTF is Street Art Anyway

We were wonderfully surprised this past week when the billboard adjacent to the High Line park at 21 street was subject to some interesting street art sabotage. Someone took down the letters of the parking billboard to spell out “WTF is street art anyway”. There were a lot of rumors of who could pull something…

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Wellington Court Mural Festival 2014

This weekend was beautiful, so we had a chance to check out the Wellington Court Mural Project in Astoria Queens. This annual mural fest is always a fan favorite and we were lucky to catch flicks from a lot of our favorite artists. If you are interested in checking it out yourself you can head…

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Juicy Art Fest Sneak Peek

Wow three days of Live Music and Art what could be better. Tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday are sure to be spectacular. We had the opportunity to catch up with the chili dudes at NYST gallery before Juicy gets on their way tomorrow. The art headlines include Don Rimx, Icy and Sot, and Esteban Del Valle….

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Summer Street Art

The first week of June has been filled with some great adventures. We have seen a new Bowery Wall go up with an amazing work by Cope2, and an outdoor sculpture by Pablo Picasso, and we revisited some favorites in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Check out the amazing cast of photos below. We are excited for the…

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