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Manhattan Graffiti Art Lesson Group Activity

Quick Details


One of the Most Fun Manhattan Group Activities

This hands-on graffiti workshop allows you and your group to create a graffiti art project with the help of an authentic NYC graffiti artist. Learn the tips and techniques of aerosol art, from fill-ins to masterpieces, and immerse yourself in the graffiti art culture.

The workshop takes place at First St. Green Cultural Park — one of the few remaining hip hop parks in Manhattan. Cultivating creative thought and a welcoming environment, this experience is for people of all ages and talent levels. Leave the workshop with a greater understanding of this still misunderstood craft and, of course, your newly created work.

The workshop takes place outdoors.

Meeting Location: First Street Green Park at “the shed” located on First Street between First and Second Avenue. The closest subway stop is the Second Ave. F train stop. For GPSm the address is 33 East First Street.

What It Oncludes: We supply paint, canvas, gloves, and a NYC Graffiti artist.

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