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Virtual Graffiti Art Workshop

Quick Details

Private Lesson 1-5 People
Private Lesson 6-9 People

Virtual Graffiti Art Lesson

Description: Become fully immersed in the world of graffiti in this comprehensive workshop. Create your own graffiti art project with the help of an authentic NYC graffiti artist in a unique hands-on workshop. Learn how to draw graffiti art, from fill-ins to masterpieces in this virtual graffiti art lesson. Enjoy personalized instruction for you and your group.

Cultivating creative thought and a welcoming environment, this experience is designed for people of all ages and talent levels. Leave this workshop with a greater understanding of this still misunderstood craft, and have your new work of art to show off.

The workshop is tailored to your specific needs.

What you need: Paper, Pencil, Markers (or colored sharpies), white-out, black sharpie (thick tip if possible)