About Us

Our Mission

Graff Tours’s mission is to connect people with the street art and graffiti culture. Our talented staff showcase this misunderstood craft.  We offer people an opportunity to interact directly with artists thru graffiti art lessons, street art tours or custom events where we live paint right in front of the audience.

Our company promotes the appreciation of street art via urban art explorations (tours). Our explorations showcase murals, illegal art, and information on the artists and their process. Our tours adapt to the art as it is being created and changed creating an ever changing tour of the art of the streets.

We teach the graffiti craft via graffiti art lessons. We set up a legal forum to explore aerosol spray, techniques, and artistic expression. Lessons are a unique opportunity to try your hand at graffiti. You can do the lessons with others or sign up for private instruction.

We also offer team building workshops for corporate groups and create customization events for openings, parties, and other live painting opportunities.

Our Staff

LEAF – Graffiti Writer

Leaf 8K with his favorites

Leaf with his favorites

Leaf (real name not disclosed) is originally from Upstate NYC but has made NYC his home for the past 5 years. When he is not doing tours and lessons for Graff Tours, Leaf has been known to leave his mark throughout the city. Look left or right from any JMZ subway stop and you are bound to see one of this prolific artist’s tags. Check out more of his work here




JCORP – Street Artist

JCORP is an american artist based in New York City. Known for her birght, starry-eyed charchters, she explores pop culture and contemporary romance through street art, murals, and illustrative painting. She studied visual and critical studies at the School of Visual Art and earned her BFA in 2014. Check out her insta here.








Bytegirl  – Street Art Photographer

Audrey, aka Bytegirl, is a life-long photographer and a self-professed history nerd.  Photographing artists at work is her passion and she has an unquestionable knowledge of the street art scene in NYC.  Friends with many of the artists and often a den mother to those visiting from out of town when she isn’t leading tours, she is likely to be found somewhere on the streets watching paint dry. You can check out her insta: here




Cram – Graffiti Artist

Cram showing out in front of his completed mural

Cram showing out in front of his completed mural

Cram’s modern approach to graffiti has gained him acceptance in galleries and the streets. He has been around 25+ years in the game. He has run businesses, traveled, and is a true master of the craft. You can see his pieces on walls and galleries alike in places like NYC, London, and Vienna. Check out more








Gabriel Schoenberg | Artist and Manager

Gabriel Schoenburg | Graffiti Artist and Tour Guide NYC

Gabe strutting his stuff wtih JCORP and Raquel 2016

I was studying abroad in Argentina, and I saw my first street art tour.  So when I moved back to NYC, I quickly adopted the idea and created a street art tour here in NYC combining my experience in tourism (my family business) with my passion for street art. I have traveled the world documenting graffiti in places like France, Israel, and Puerto Rico. I live in Bushwick Brooklyn setting up commissions, producing graffiti events, and running Graff Tours.




About Us

Graff Tours’s mission is to connect people with the street art and graffiti culture. Our talented staff showcase this misunderstood craft.