Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Difference between our Manhattan Street Art Tour and the Bushwick Brooklyn Street Art Tour?

We offer a variety of tours from walking excursions to car tours and everything in between.  Many people ask us which they should take. We have explained our two most common tours in depth here: Downtown Manhattan, Bushwick Brooklyn. These descriptions will give you an insight into what you are going to see on each tour. In general, Bushwick is more large scale murals and is a tour of the Bushwick Collective. Downtown Manhattan is more about seeing local projects and spontaneous street art.

What should I Bring to a Graff Tours Workshop or Lesson?

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and things you wouldn’t mind having a little paint decoration. We provide gloves at all of our workshops to prevent overspray. You can always bring blank t-shirts or shoes to our workshops if you wish to customize them as well.

What are the good places to eat in Bushwick?

Roberta’s pizza is the most famous Bushwick establishment but the village voice has put together a comprehensive list-  Here. We also recommend Pearls bar as our favorite drinking hole.

What is a graffiti walking tour from Graff Tours?

Graff Tours’s mission is to appreciate the best street art, teach how to paint graffiti properly, and inspire the next generation. We believes the best way to explore a city is through the lens of public art. A Graff tour is an exciting mixture of investigating NYC’s best street art and an opportunity to paint legally. The tours are led by NYC graffiti artists and include all types and kinds of public art including classic graffiti, wheatpaste, stencil art and much more. Our tours adapt to the art as it is being created and changed creating an ever changing tour of the art of the streets.

Where Can I find Banksy in NYC?

Currently we our recommending only three spot that still have a Banksy in NYC. First on 79th st. between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue you have Boy with Mallet. Second, inside the Ye Old Carelton Arms Hotel room 5b has an entire room painted by the artist. Third, on Delancey st. off of Bowery you have “Banksy the Musical” still standing (kind of). There are 1 or 2 other Banksy works in NYC but they are either obsrtucted or need an appointment to be seen.

Do I need to have a reservation to go on a Graff Tour?

Yes. Our public graffiti walking tours do require reservations. You can reserve your spot online by credit card.

How do I get a Ticket for Graff Tours? 

Tickets are E-tickets emailed after purchase. Go to the date you want on the calendar and click on the tour you wish. Then add tickets to cart and click checkout.

I am an international traveler can I still get tickets? 

Our payment system does accept international credit cards.

What times are the tours offered?

All graffiti tours are available for private bookings tailored to your needs. Private tours can be scheduled morning, afternoon or evening.

Graffiti is very visible, Why should I take a Graff Tour?

Only by taking a tour will you be able to know the history and story behind the art and artists and have an opportunity to try it yourself.

How much does a Graff Tour cost?

Graff Tours starts at $20 for adults and $15 for seniors, full-time students and members of the armed forces.

How long is a Graff Tour and how much do we walk?

Most tours last approximately an hour and a half. We walk between one and two miles during this time. We maintain a moderate walking pace, stopping at various sites along the tour.

What if it is raining?

Graffiti tours and lessons are held rain or shine. In the event of inclement weather, please call us at 201-397-9138. Graff Tours reserves the right to cancel activities in the event of potentially dangerous weather.

How much of a tip should I leave at the end of a graffiti tour?

Gratuities are always appreciated, but never expected. Typical households leave $5 per person.

Cancellation Policy
Graff Tours has a strict 48 hour cancellation policy. Tours cancelled prior to the 48 hour deadline will be entitled to a refund. No refund will be given with less than 48 hours notice. Thanks.



We have listed below some of our favorite resources out there. We have listed blogs we read, stores we shop, and artists we love.


Brooklyn Street Art
The most important steet art blog run by Jamie Rojo and Steven Harrington. Straight outta Brooklyn, BSA tracks the new creative spirit that runs in the streets, the artist studios, and galleries of New York and around the world. New hybrids, new techniques, and new mediums are expanding the definition of public art, street art, graffiti, and urban art; each vying for the attention of passers-by.As trends develop in the street, we watch to see how they affect popular culture and the rest of the art world. Check it out here.

Vandalog began in October 2008 as the place for people to keep up to date on what’s going on with street art. Today, we focus on coverage of street art, graffiti, and viral art that you won’t get anywhere else. Stories on Vandalog are analytical, opinionated, investigative, exclusive, under-reported, and sometimes a bit overly-intellectual. Run by RJ Rushmore, Vandalog is an importnat resource to keep up with today’s street art scene. Check them out here.

Street Art News
StreetArtNews is the definitive guide to the Street Art Scene. Since 2009, StreetArtNews has exhaustively covered cutting edge murals and the artists that powers them. As we enter our fifth year, we’re looking beyond the murals themselves to explore how they impact our lives. Most popular is the Street Art News Instagram page. As a note, most of the street art and graffiti scene happens on instagram as opposed to FB or twitter. Check them out here.

Street Art NYC
One of the most active blogs to date on the NYC street Art scene. Check it.

The Street Spot
The Street Spot is a street art and graffiti blog founded by Brooklyn-based photographers Becki Fuller and Luna Park in 2009. As an independent, advertising-free site, it is our editorial policy to blog our own, original content only. Our focus is primarily on artists and events in the New York City metropolitan area, but we occasionally post about other places we’ve been.

Graffiti Shops


Scrap Yard
Located at 300 West Broadway right above Canal st. Scarp Yard is the place for graffiti memorabilia in Manhattan. Although Blick and other art supply stores do carry Montana Black and 94s if you are looking for cans specifically.


Low Brow Artique
Low Brow Artique carries the largest assortment of Montana spray paint in the New York Metropolitan area. We carry almost every color in both the Gold and Black lines, as well as a large assortment of Ironlak. Low Brow is located at  143 Central Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11221.

Artists Links

Os Gemeos
OSGEMEOS (b. 1974, São Paulo, Brazil), translated as “THETWINS”, Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo, have worked together since birth. As children growing up in the streets of the traditional district of Cambuci (SP), they developed a distinct way of playing and communicating through artistic language. With the encouragement of their family, and the introduction of hip hop culture in Brazil in the 1980s, OSGEMEOS found a direct connection to their dynamic and magical world and a way to communicate with the public. Guided mainly by their willpower, together they explored with dedication and care the various techniques of painting, drawing and sculpture, and had the streets as their place of study.

Shepard Fairey
The OBEY sticker campaign can be explained as an experiment in Phenomenology. Heidegger describes Phenomenology as “the process of letting things manifest themselves.” Phenomenology attempts to enable people to see clearly something that is right before their eyes but obscured; things that are so taken for granted that they are muted by abstract observation.

The sticker has no meaning but exists only to cause people to react, to contemplate and search for meaning in the sticker. Because OBEY has no actual meaning, the various reactions and interpretations of those who view it reflect their personality and the nature of their sensibilities.

Space Invader
Who are you Invader? Where do you come from?

I define myself as an ULA, an unidentified living artist. I chose Invader as my pseudonym and I always appear behind a mask. As such, I can visit my own exhibitions without any visitors knowing who I really am even if I stand a few steps away from them. Since 1998, I have developed a large scale project, code name: Space Invaders.

What is the Space Invaders project about?

It is first of all about liberating Art from its usual alienators that museums or institutions can be. But it is also about freeing the Space Invaders from their video games TV screens and to bring them in our physical world. Everything started the day I decided to give a material appearance to pixelization through ceramic tiles. I first wanted to create a series of “canvases” but I soon realised that tiles were the perfect material to display these pieces directly on the walls. I then had the idea of deploying my creatures on the walls of Paris and soon after in cities around the globe. Each of these unique pieces become the fragment of a monumental installation.

There is a lot of fact and fiction when it comes to the biggest name in street art. He is originally from Bristol in the UK, and was part of a graffiti crew DBZ. Banksy did a residency in New York in October 2013 producing 30 works in 30 days. There are still a couple of these lying around if you know where to look. The easiest one to find is the piece that is being preserved on the upper west side near Zabars. There is a hotel that also bears his stroke near Murry Hill where lucky patrons and actually sleep beneath a Banksy work.

Some great local artists worth a look:


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