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School Groups

Street Art Tour and Hands-on Graffiti Workshop

Tour Description: Take a tour of the Graff Tours Mural Project in the impressive Bushwick Brooklyn Neighborhood where more than 25 multicolored murals transform a swath of warehouse buildings into a vast outdoor art gallery, Learn the stories behind the walls and the process of how they are created while helping support the local artist community. Admire some of the best street art in the world from the likes of Don Rimx, MenaceResa, Jason Naylor and many many more. See the best street art in NYC in this artist neighborhood before its too late.

Following the tour, we go inside our art studio to do a graffiti Workshop where participants get a hands on tutorial on how to work with spray paint before creating their very own work of art. Learn the tips and techniques of aerosol art from fill-ins to masterpieces as you immerse yourself in the graffiti art culture. Cultivating creative thought and a welcoming environment, this experience is designed for all ages and talent levels. Leave this workshop with a greater understanding of this still misunderstood craft and of course your newly created work.


Video of Our Experience

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