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Wendy’s H.S Heisman Awards 2016

The final Product

Every Year the Wendy’s Corporation in coordination with the Heisman Foundation invites 15 scholor athletes to compete for a $20,000 dollar college scholorship. The finalists and their families are flown in to NYC for an all expense paid trip including broadway shows, a trip to the World Trade Center Memorial, and of course a Graff…

March 10th Workshop with Lord Byng Secondary School

The T-shirt making process led by Gabe Schoenberg with the kids of Sands Secondary

This past week, we hosted 50 students from Lord Byng Secondary School. The students all took part in our tour of Downtown Manhattan and followed it up with a Mural painting and T-shirt design experience. It was a team effort with four local artists each taking a group of the kids. As part of the…