In the Studio Part III: Elle Street Art and the Lightbox

Hustler, model, street artist, and all around badass, Elle is working on more projects than we could list. While chilling with her the other week, we spotted her famed warrior wolf. Elle has been a great part of the scene for the past couple of years including making an appearance on the Centrifuge Art project…

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Workshop: St. Johns University mural project with Cram, Damien Mitchell, and Gabe Schoenberg

We were so excited this past week to do a great tour and mural project with over 50 students from St. Johns University. All of the kids toured downtown Manhattan and then took part in a three part mural project. The kids were split into groups and displayed great enthusiasm developing characters with Cram, designing…

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Kobra’s Williamsburg Mural Recruits Warhol and Basquiat to Fight For Street Art

There’s a clear message in Kobra’s recently finished mural in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Through text and image, it endorses the ideaFight For Street Art. The piece, rendered in Kobra’s signature style aptly compared to looking through a tripped out kaleidescope, depicts Pop art legend Andy Warhol and 80s art superstar Jean-Michel Basquiat. Each stare down their…

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OSGEMEOS Houston Bowery Wall Brightens Up NYC Once Again

The recent unveiling of Brazilian street art duo OSGEMEOS‘ Houston Bowery Wall is doing wonders to alleviate the grey blanket that has covered New York City on and off for the past few days. The gigantic mural on the busy corner of Houston and Bowery presents a party of odd creatures inhabiting a rainbow-filled kaleidoscope…

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Political Documentary Enlists Aid of Street Art, Shepard Fairy

We have been seeing posters for the political documentary film “Pay 2 Play: Democracy’s High Stakes” around the streets of New York. Hard to pass by, its bold graphic style and color palette looks distinctly like Shepard Fairey’s poster art, specifically the Hope poster he did for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Read More »

Olek Time Bomb

Yarn Bomber and Polish born artist Olek swims with the sharks. She says ” To me, it was the most moving experience in my life to have had the opportunity to swim next to a 35-foot long whale shark. It came to me, and for a moment, we made eye contact and to me it…

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12 Mexican Street Artists in NYC

In June we were able to catch a show at the Dorian Grey Gallery of 12 Mexican street artists. These guy and girls were all misfits but incredible artists. Bebo, Pilar “Fusca” Cardenas, Undo, and Kronik were such a pleasure to meet and show around town.  Below is a selection of their works from the…

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September NYC Art Exhibitions To Keep On Your Radar

September signals the start of a new art season. While most of the New York City art world has been dormant over the summer, galleries have been working hard to prepare their most important exhibitions of 2014. We’ve put together a list of September NYC art exhibitions offering an alternative to the formulaic approach to curating…

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Ur New York Truck Still Riding in Brooklyn

We have been a big face of Ur New York for years now. We were excited when this great box truck made an appearance on our block in Brooklyn. Mike Baca aka 2ESAE and Fernando Romero aka SKI did a great job combining their classical graffiti style and contemporary design intuitions. Hope you enjoy this…

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Recap: Carini Lang Back Against the Wall

A group show of street artists making carpet designs? Cooler than it sounds. Cost, RAE, Elle, ENX, and more taking their street designs and placing them gracefully on carpets. Big ups to Carini Lang for putting the show together. Cost with his classic Madonna Love Affair

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