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Os Gemeos Is Back in NYC

The Brazilian twins Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo aka Os Gemeos are back in NYC! In just a short amount of time, they have done three killer works, and we imagine there is more to come. They started out with a collaboration with Times Square Arts taking over time square every evening in August from 11:57 to Midnight. The artists have managed to adapt the billboards into NYC’s largest video Art Piece.

As CNN First Reported: The work, entitled Parallel Connection, appears as part of the Times Square Arts’ Midnight Moment series. The public arts program has featured a new artist every month since 2012.

Os Gemeos Panorama of Times Square during Midnight Moment

Os Gemeos Panorama of Times Square during Midnight Moment

The almost blinding experience can be experienced nightly. The videos produced on each screen make times square look like a giant IMAX Theatre for 3 minutes and then transforms right back to normal.

Then the duo followed up with two collaborations with JR. The french wheatpaster/ted prize winning artist most famous for the Inside Out Project. Taking over an apartment on Chrystie St., the artists have adorned the building with an intricate scene of Os Gemeos’s famed yellow figures vandalizing the wall with JR’s People’s Art Project Eye. Check this piece out on our much improved Downtown Manhattan tour.

Os Gemeos x JR Collaboration on the Lower East Side

Os Gemeos x JR Collaboration on the Lower East Side – Photocred: JR Website

Os Gemeos just yesterday unveiled a new piece with fellow artists Baron Andre and JR. This work can be seen somewhere on the streets of SOHO.

Os Gemeos X Baron Andre

Os Gemeos X Baron Andre x JR Photocred: @jr

There will be plenty still to come from the Brazilian duo and we will be sure to report it once it happens.

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