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Graff Tours Mural Project – 12 murals and counting

a group of people standing in front of a graffiti wall

With so much going on, sometimes its hard to keep everyone up to date. This spring Graff Tours has started its own street art project and has already helped create 10 new murals around Brooklyn. We are so excited about collaborating with artists to produce large scale artwork for the public. We already have murals by CP1, Jeff Henriquez, Dirk, Staff 161, EVOC, LEAF, MENACE 2, Resa Piece, Little Pink Pills and more. This summer we plan on adding even more murals which can all be seen on our Brooklyn street art tour.

CP1 has been a stalwart of the graffiti scene in the Miami graffiti scene for the past decade. With his signature portrait graffiti style its hard to miss why he is beloved by some many street art fans. He came to Brooklyn this month and created 3 stunning portraits over the course of one week.

Jen by CP1

Burst by CP1

Who is Dirk is relatively new to the NYC scene, but he is coming fast with his psychedelic visuals. Dirk told us that a lot of his visuals come to him in dreams. It makes the visual experience for the public a real trip when they land upon one of his works. You might be familiar with his huge wheatpastes around Bushwick, but now he is taking his art to new heights with full scale murals.

Dirk’s Elephant Piece in Bushwick

Little Pink Pills and Graphic Fury are a team based in Brooklyn utilizing Calligraphy and iconic imagery to make large and small scale artworks. Working in fashion and traveling has really honed their skills making them a crowd favorite on our tours. You can check out their work @littlepinkpills on instagram.

Little Pink Pill for Graff Tours in Bushwick

Another Man women team is Meanace 2 and Resa Piece. Menace has an extensive graffiti background while Resa is known for her realistic and sometimes surreal characters. Together they create murals with both graffiti and street art elements. Currently, they are on a mural tour across the USA. #paintloveacrossamerica. They are spending one year traveling the U.S painting murals in every city they visit. We are humbled that they did a mural for us before they left.

Menace 2 x Resapiece Collaboration for Graff Tours

As part of the mission of Graff Tours, we support street artists and graffiti afficionados. We have a unique collaboration between 3 prolific graffiti artists of Brooklyn. Leaf, EVOC, and Zero are known for their bombing of the Borough. But for Graff Tours they have created a legal graffiti of a grand nature. Combining graffiti masterpieces and characters they have left their unique mark on our neighborhood.

Leaf x Zero x Evoc Collaboration in Bushwick

Our newest work created during quarantine was with Cern the queens street art legend. This was is a real visual treat as you start to see all the little details come to life the longer you look at the piece.

colorful graffiti on the side of a road

Cernesto for Graff Tours Mural Project

Jeff Henriquez is an intricate painter with a sense of comedy in his portraiture. This is a picture of his god daughter who lives in our neighborhood.

a person with graffiti on the side of a building

Jeff Henriquez for Graff Tours Mural Project

To add a little international flavor we have monks (columbia) and ismilealot (germany)

a building with graffiti on the side of a brick wall

Monks x Ismilealot for Graff Tours


We have works in progress by ANJL, Jeff Henriquez, Isabella Ewing, AND MAD VILLIAN. WE WILL update this post as the new works finish. Check it all out on our Brooklyn Tour.