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The New FSG

2016-08-05 09.57.23

The First St. Green Art Park is having a summer renaissance with inspiring new murals going up almost every week. This month they hosted the Video Music Award’s for MTV as each video received a mural in its honor. FSG along with Centrifuge Public Art Project brought 7 artists to paint the murals. This new mural “Highway” is some of the best street art in Manhattan with superior quality and a myriad of murals in one place. The park is a great place for community activism and we are proud to showcase this downtown treasure on our tours.

Damien Mitchell and Resa Piece, both Graff Tours contributing artists, were both selected to be part of this project. Damien produced Kanye West in “Famous” and Resa painted the backup dancers in Justin Bieber’s video – Sorry. We are overjoyed to see these two continue their success in finding legal and functional places in NYC to paint. The quality of these works impresses and can be seen on view till at least the end of August. Marc Evans showcased his unique style, alongside a JPO and BD White collaboration for Drake’s Hotline Bling Video, and we are glad to see Evan’s work grow with a slick new mural of Hello by Adele to add to his body of work. OG Queen Andrea also created a wicked new mural for the Video of the year award itself. We are really excited for FSG to be making moves in the street art world and these murals are becoming a great backdrop for the East Village. If you want, please check out these murals before they change over at 33 East 1 st. in Manhattan.

The Video Music awards is a showcase of the best Music Video’s every year. Check out the entire VMA’s Online Here to see who won and a live stream of the show. Our Downtown tour takes place every Thursday and Sunday at 1 p.m. or by appointment. For more on the Fist St. Green Art Park check out their website for upcoming events and past murals.

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