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  • Can include a Graffiti Workshop

LA Private Street Art Tour

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Groups of 1-5 People
Groups of 6-9 People

Private Street Art Tour of Los Angeles

Join us for an unforgettable street art tour of LA’s best graffiti in Boyle Heights, an up-and-coming neighborhood near Downtown LA! Discover the amazing murals, street art, and graffiti that LA has to offer. From Chicano handstyles to modern day murals Downtown LA is an amazing canvas.

Downtown LA has some of the who’s who of artists from Shepard Fairey, JR, Risk, and so much more. Learn the stories behind the art and insights on the process of how the works are created. Your local artist and tour guide will give you the authentic story on how street artists work, live, and create.

LA has a rich culture of street art that stems from Mexican muralist like Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera and takes influence from Chicano writings. This amazing history gives a depth and variety of styles to the current artists that makes LA a must see for all art enthusiasts.

Meeting Location:  714 Traction Ave.