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Recent Posts

Monument Art Project in East Harlem

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The Monument Art Project in East Harlem has us in awe. After discovering these international artists new works, we can safely say that East Harlem or El Barrio is a new street art... READ MORE

The Top 5 Street Art Events of 2015

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5. Owen Dippie Leaves his Mark on NYC   From new festivals, to a 6 year old artist hitting the streets, we have seen great street art in 2015. This past summer played... READ MORE

Art Basel 2015

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What a weekend! Art Basel is the world’s best art, party, and networking event all in one place. There are many events including dozens of satellite art fairs and outdoor galleries. Our friends... READ MORE

Space Invader Invades New York

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The invasion has begun!  A few weeks ago the Parisian artist Invader hit the streets of New York as many surprised followers awoke to new mosaic tile art pieces.  For over two weeks these Mosaics were placed strategically at... READ MORE