Coney Island Art Walls

One of the best parts of summer 2015 is the Coney Island Art Walls! Although it’s a haul unless you live in Bay Ridge or near the world famous amusement park, Coney is well worth the hour plus train ride to see some of the best street and graffiti artists in the world. Legends! Famed…

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191 St. Tunnel goes from Cavern to Street Art Haven

The 191st Street tunnel which connects Saint Nicholas Ave. with Broadway on the 1 Line in Washington Heights is now home to five dazzling, giant murals that lines the 900 foot walkway with color and style. The NYC Department of Transportation showed off its latest “street beautification project”. I went the second it was open to…

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“Tempertot” by Ron English Hits The Bowery Houston Wall

The first artist to grace the new Bowery wall since it was re-done over the past months is none other than Ron English.  The wall was first graced by Keith Haring in 1982, and since then we have seen Crash, How & Hosm, Cope, Swoon and many more street art and graffiti greats. Head over…

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ROA and His Animals Take On NYC

Roa’s animals have a dueling effect on the viewer. Beautifully rendered with meticulous attention to detail, they invite close observation of every hair, eyelash, and paw. Yet, there is something unsettling about these creatures. Usually painted in black and white and on large scale, they exhibit a haunting stillness that brings to mind taxidermy or…

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Kayrock Studios: How to Make an Art Print

Kayrock Studios has been leading the way in Screen Printing for the past 20 years, working with the likes of Maya Hayuk, Shepard Fairey, and even the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs. We are thankful that they took time out of their busy day to show us around the screen printing game. Read More »

Five Street Artists Shaping NYC’s Graffiti and Street Art Scene (and they all happen to be women)

March is Women’s History Month. We thought we’d close out the month by taking a look at female artists who are reinterpreting trends and transcending boundaries traditionally associated with graffiti and street art. Putting up some of the most imaginative and cutting-edge art out there, these artists are shaping the movement today. Their stories enlighten…

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Best Books and Films about Graffiti and Street Art

“Are there any books or films about graffiti and street art that you could recommend?” This is a question that often comes up. There’s a catalogue of sources, in fact, which each Graff Tour guide-in-training must study to earn their “badge.” It is comprehensive and covers various topics ranging from the history of graffiti to…

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Halsey Street Murals: Art, Empowerment, Community

As you exit the Halsey Street stop on the L train in Brooklyn, you are greeted with a 300 foot wall of murals. Stretching the entire block, this vibrant concrete canvas is known as the Halsey Street Dream Way Collaborative Mural. Completed in late October of last year, the project was spearheaded by Xmental in…

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The Dodworth Street Mural Project Brings Art to the Community

We checked out the Dodworth Street Mural Project on a cold and sunny morning in late February. Catching sight of the first group of murals (the ones closer to Bushwick Ave.), our stomach sank a little. The pieces had been hit with reckless graffiti. A man walked out of one of the garages and asked,…

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The JMZ Walls Throws Color to Shade

“I’m blacker than midnight on Broadway and Myrtle” is a line from Brooklyn rapper Mos Def’s song “Mathematics.” These words are also the subject of a piece, which artist Jay Shells made for his Rap Quotes project. Shells makes lyrics-inspired signs and installs them in the exact location referenced by rappers such as as Dr….

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