In the Studio Part II: Esteban del Valle Interview

We caught up with Esteban in his Dumbo Studio and discussed where he fits in the street art and graffiti world, why social justice is so important, and his exciting murals coming up. Check out more of his work on his website or on Instagram @estebandelvalle112.

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Eelco “The Virus” painting at Crossfit Brooklyn

Eelco van den Berg is visiting NYC for the week from the Netherlands. This past summer when Eelco was here, he did six walls in seven days. So after finding out that he was only doing one this time, we knew we had to catch it in action. Read More »

Inside the Studio Part 1: Damien Mitchell presents “Tools of the Trade”

After living here for over a year and getting up like a mad man at Centrifuge, Bushwick Collective, Waatah, and most recently in Williamsburg, Damien Mitchell has put together his first major solo show. Tools of the Trade will be a stenciled look at classic graffiti materials. Appropriating classic graffiti caps, cans, and canvas, Damien has been…

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What Makes a Graff Tours Different: Part IV – The Williamsburg Tour

You might not even notice the Dunkin’ Donuts on Bedford Avenue. The pink and orange sign that typically denotes the coffee and donut shop chain has been traded for one fashioned from dark wood with vintage gold lettering. Compared to the original, it is cooler, hipper and most likely intended to attract neighborhood residents often…

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The L.I.S.A Project Establishes Little Italy As Major Street Art District

Anytime art is placed within the public domain, it becomes subject to public scrutiny. A public artwork’s content and meaning, or what it ultimately communicates is very much dependent on who is looking. Physical location is also very important, and can influence one’s experience. The L.I.S.A. Project in NYC’s Little Italy neighborhood is a unique…

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What Makes Graff Tours Different – Part 3: The Bushwick Collective Tour

So how did a seedy, rundown neighborhood in Brooklyn become one of the world’s premier street art galleries? The backstory is a positive one, illustrating how beauty and inspiration can rise from a place of pain and ruin.

B-U-S-H-W-I-C-K collaboration

Photo by Halopig

Joe Ficalora…

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Harman St. Extension

The Bushwick Collective continues its expansion with the Harman St. mural row. It is as always an international crowd with newcomer to Bushwick Heesco from Mongolia and his collab with Damien Mitchell. Intro and Col Wallnuts do their distinctive conceptual graffiti styles contrasting next to Zimad and Fumero’s portraits. Put these murals all in one…

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This Past Week in Graff Tours 12.30.14

What an exciting week in Graff Tours. We had visitors from Australia, Holland, Austria, Germany, San Francisco, Casper Wyoming and more. We start out in Bushwick where we took this great family around the Bushwick Collective. We are so impressed with Eelco Virus’s new work and so were the Cho Family. Read More »

What Makes Graff Tours Different – Part 2: LA Street Art Tour

Our Los Angeles tour centers around the downtown art’s district of Los Angeles. The implantation of massive LA Free Walls along with the everpresent UTI crew makes DTLA a must see for any Street Art Tourist. MSK member Risk has a unique process. By melting automotive paint on top of buildings he creates a flourishing…

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What Makes Graff Tours Different – Part 1: The Downtown Manhattan Tour

One of the greatest things about New York City is its dynamic landscape. Each borough has its own distinct history. Cultural, social, and economic demographics change from one neighborhood to the next. The city is in constant flux – an ever-changing present looks at the past to open doors for the future. All of this…

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